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Publish your app

To publish your Tildagon App, you need to create a GitHub repository with:


  1. Fork this GitHub repository.
  2. Edit the app properties in the tildagon.toml file with your name, the category of the app, and other metadata:

    # The name of your app as displayed in the menu
    name = "Your Hexceptional App"
    # The submenu where your app should appear.
    # One of: "Badge", "Music", "Media", "Apps", "Games"
    category = "Badge"
    # OPTIONAL: Same as above, for compatibility with older firmware
    # versions that can't handle categories introduced afterwards.
    # One of: "Badge", "Music", "Apps"
    # menu = "Badge"
    # OPTIONAL: If your app prefers wifi to be off or on when entering.
    # Useful if you want more resources (false) or need wifi (true).
    # Remove if you don't want to change wifi state!
    # wifi_preference = false
    # The name of your entry point `Application` class
    # class = "NickApp"
    # Your nickname.  Must be at most 32 characters!
    author = "your-name"
    # License of your app as an SPDX identifier: <>
    license = "LGPL-3.0-only"
    # URL to the repository of your app.
    url = ""
    # Description of your app.  Maximum 140 characters!
    description = "A hexceptional tildagon app for hexceptional people."
    # Version number of your app.  If you push a commit where this number is
    # increased, we interpret this as a new version being released.
    # Version number must be an integer!
    version = "0.0.1"
  3. Edit the to set the __app_export__ variable and to add your app contents.

This is a simple hello world app:

import asyncio
import app

from events.input import Buttons, BUTTON_TYPES

class ExampleApp(app.App):
    def __init__(self):
        self.button_states = Buttons(self)

def update(self, delta):
    if self.button_states.get(BUTTON_TYPES["CANCEL"]):
        # The button_states do not update while you are in the background.
        # Calling clear() ensures the next time you open the app, it stays open.
        # Without it the app would close again immediately.

def draw(self, ctx):
    ctx.rgb(1,0,0).move_to(-80,0).text("Hello world")

__app_export__ = ExampleApp
  1. Add the tildagon-app topic to the repo.

  2. Create a release using GitHub. If you are unsure what settings to use, choose

    • v0.0.1 for your tag
    • v0.0.1 for your release title

Your app will become available in the Tildagon app store within 15 minutes.

Updating the version

If you make changes to your app, you will need to update the version number in the tildagon.toml file create a new release on GitHub with an incremented version number.


My app isn't showing up

If your app doesn't show up within 15 minutes, check the Errors page page. If there's no error there, that means either:


You can currently only publish Tildagon Apps through GitHub. Contributions to support other ways of publishing are welcome at emfcamp/badge-2024-app-store!

What next?