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Run your app on your badge

You can test your app on-device, without publishing it, using mpremote.

  1. Create a metadata.json file in your app's directory. This is necessary only during development. Remove this file before publishing your app to the app store.

        "name": "<app-name>",
        "path": "apps.<folder-name>.app"

    The folder name is the name of the folder you will copy the app to. For example:

        "name": "The OG Snake app",
        "path": ""
  2. Install mpremote following the installation instructions.

  3. Create the apps folder if it doesn't already exist:

    mpremote mkdir apps
  4. Create the folder for your app inside the apps folder, for example:

    mpremote mkdir apps/snake
  5. Copy your app files to the new folder:

    mpremote cp path/to/app/dir/* :/apps/snake/

    For example:

    mpremote cp apps/snake/* :/apps/snake/
  6. Restart your app by holding the reboop button for 2 seconds.

Debug your app on your badge

If your app crashes when it's started, you can get debug information from mpremote:

  1. Run mpremote to get a shell with access to the device:

  2. Press CTRL-C to cancel the current running program and then CTRL-D to do a soft-reset while staying connected to the shell.

  3. Now you can use the badge menu to start your app and you will see errors and print statements from your app.