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General Accessories

A 3D-printed case

You can print the Official 3d Printable Case for the 2024 EMF Camp Badge.

Badge bumper case

A 3D-printed stand

You can print a Tildagon stand to better display your badge.

Tildagon stand

Fancy lanyard

The badge uses a USB-C to USB-C cable as the lanyard - any USB-C cable will do, we recommend one around a meter long but it's up to you! You can also use regular lanyards if you would prefer.

Some suitable cables are:

You can also use one that doesn't glow, search for "usb c to usb c", or add "rgb" on the end if you want to research your own glowing ones. : Note, that we do not recommend metal-shrouded usb cables as they can short circuits if they touch hexpansions.

Lanyard not lighting up?

Unfortunately, not all badges support the glowing USB cables. We're not currently sure why.

Share your addon

Have an addon to share?

Share it in the badge-2024-addons repository!

Accessory Hexpansions

hexpansion exposing pins OG Hexpansion by kliment

Link: GitHub

Hot Sauce hexpansion (chipotle flavor) Emergency Hot Sauce hexpansion (chipotle flavor) by John Thurmond Tildagon badge with five duck hexpansions and an emergency hot sauce hexpansion Ducks hexpansion by Tiff

EMF ducks sixties style flying porcelain ducks

Link: Instagram

Rabbit hexpansion EEH Hexpansion by Matt Skyler's goose prototype Untitled Goose by Skyler Mansfield LED Rainbow Filament hexpansion LED Filament hexpansion by John Thurmond Markerspace hexpansion Maker Space badge by Dan

Link: GitHub

Plotter hexpansion Plotter hexpansion by Danny Walker Floppy disk hexpansion Floppy disk "Flopagon" by Nathan Dumont

Link: GitHub

Link: GitHub